The “Trojak” Boutique Hotel in Lądek-Zdrój

You are invited to visit the new Villa TROJAK located in the spa section of LĄDEK-ZDRÓJ, by the forest, on Trojak hill. Lądek-Zdrój is the one of the oldest health resort in Europe, older than the famous Baden-Baden, where everyone has an opportunity to try numerous relaxing treatments and use medicinal hot springs, that is hot mineral waters.

Winter Holidays in Ladek-Zdroj

In the vicinity there is a ski lift, a thermal pool, the “Wojciech” Well Room, an entry to the trail leading up Trojak mountain.

This atmospheric place featuring subdued and elegant interiors with the view on Lądecka Valley will help you relax and appreciate the revitalizing values of Lądek-Zdrój. You are encouraged to have some active rest in the mountainous scenery, surrounded by unpolluted nature. Everyone will find something for themselves here.


We also offer:

events for companies, rehabilitation camps, bonding parties, active rest camps


Kłodzko Valley

A geographic region in the Sudety Środkowe (Central Sudety), the main city – Kłodzko. The valley is surrounded by the Stołowe Mountains, the Bardzkie Mountains, the Złote Mountains, the Bystrzyckie Mountains and the Śnieżnik Mountains, along with which it creates the historical region called the Kłodzko land. The valley is frequently visited by tourists on their way to well-known health resorts such as Polanica-Zdrój, Duszniki-Zdrój or Lądek-Zdrój, which are not located in Kłodzko Valley but in the mountains surrounding it.

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